Russian Version

As of January 2012, Currency News is published in Russian (as well as English and Spanish) to cater for the large number of countries where Russian is the first or second language.

Currency News’ partner for this new venture is the Moscow-based Intercrim Press, publishers of reference books and manuals on banknotes (including the Banknotes of the World catalogue), security papers, coins, travellers cheques and counterfeits.

Intercrim-Press will be responsible for the translation, production and distribution of the Russian version, as well as subscriptions.

Companies interested in subscribing to Currency News in Russian should contact Intercrim-Press at [email protected].

Spanish Version

Latin America is growing in importance as a market for banknotes, and many of the countries are becoming key innovators in banknote specification, procurement and distribution. In recognition of the importance of the region within the currency community, in 2009 Currency News began publication in Spanish as well as English.

Subscribers from the region who currently receive the English version can switch to the Spanish version at no extra charge. There is a nominal charge for those who wish to receive it in both English and Spanish. The price is the same for both versions and the same terms – eg for multiple subscriptions and site licences – apply to each.

For further information or to order your Spanish version, please contact us