The powerful information tool for those specifying, designing, producing or handling currency

DataVault is a proprietary on-line information source comprising a catalogue of all the world’s banknotes, archive copies of Currency News and a regular news update on new note issues.

It is included within the annual subscription for Currency News and is a powerful tool for providing a range of additional and complementary information to the news and analysis provided in the newsletter each month.

Key features of DataVault include:

  • Online banknote database featuring all the world’s banknotes:
  • Over 1,700 banknotes in use in 220 countries;
  • High resolution images plus clear and detailed descriptions provided of each note, along with images of the front and reverse (under normal, UV and IR light) with photographic enlargements of key security features;
  • Searchable by a wide range of parameters – country, currency, date of issues, image, keyword unique advanced search facility allows searches by colour, size and security feature;
  • Each country section includes details of alternative currencies in use and links to the issuing authority. Many also include useful background travel and business information;
  • Up to date – continuously updated to ensure the information is current and accurate;
    available in English, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch
  • Back issues of Currency News – all issues since January 2003, when Currency News was first published, up until six months of the latest issue;
  • From mid 2011, will include the 4th edition of the Directory of Currency Suppliers in searchable database format;
  • Secure, easy to navigate and available 24/7


Free to Currency News subscribers

DataVault is included within the annual subscription for Currency News.

  • Each standard subscription qualifies for one user licence.
  • Multiple subscriptions (for 2, 5 or 10 copies) qualify for the corresponding number of user licences.
  • Subscribers can also purchase additional user licences for DataVault at the rate of £75 each.

Site licences for organisations with multiple users/locations (with the option of customising DataVault for their own requirements and/or incorporating it on their intranet) are available.


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