Celebrating 20 Years of Currency in Kazakhstan

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Special Report Issue 2 - March 2014

Over the past eight years, the National Bank of Kazakhstan and its printing works, the Banknote Factory, have established themselves as a testing ground for new security features, with supplier technologies trialed on commemorative and house notes prior to being adopted on circulating issues.

This has made Kazakhstan different, if not unique.

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Kazakhstan’s banknotes have also come to be appreciated for their striking design, with bold expressions of the country’s modern realities and aspirations.

This 24-page report covers in detail the evolution of currency in Kazakhstan since the introduction of the Tenge in 1993, providing a fascinating historical view as well as insight into the design and production of the country’s past, present and commemorative banknotes, as well as its coins.

It illustrates the journey, ideas and the people that have made what became known as the Tenge so different in a relatively short period. It examines the developments in production, perception and creativity of Kazakhstan’s currency and looks at the issues that set it apart, how this has contributed to the overall development of the currency industry and what further opportunities may lie ahead for developers and suppliers of security features.

Included in this Report

  • Celebrating 20 Years of Currency in Kazakhstan
  • From Concepts to First Banknotes: a Brief History
  • Banknotes and Coins 1993 – 2005
  • 2006 Series and Kazakhstan’s Emergence onto the International Arena
  • New Currency Reflects Present-Day Kazakhstan – Interview with the Chairman of the National Bank
  • Commemorative and House Notes – a Testing Mechanism for Circulating Issues
  • Samruk Series: A New Beginning

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