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The Directory of Currency Suppliers is an essential reference guide for all those involved in the currency industry.

Published by Currency News, it offers a comprehensive one-stop resource of all suppliers who provide materials, features, systems and services for the production, protection, distribution and management of banknotes and coins.

The 5th edition was published in May 2015.

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The Directory is available free of charge to all central banks and monetary authorities.
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The Directory is valued by monetary authorities and central banks, commercial banks and financial institutions, banknote printers and papermakers, mints, cash offices, cash management companies and suppliers of security technologies and equipment for the handling and distribution of cash.

  • Nearly 100 A4 pages with 480 suppliers listed
  • Covers all aspects of currency design, specification, protection, production and management
  • Lists all of the key specifiers and suppliers
  • Also available on CD-ROM
  • First published by Currency News in 2004


What's Inside The Industry's Most Comprehensive Directory

The Directory of Currency Suppliers is arranged in category sections which list the organisations that supply products or services.

These are cross-referenced to the alphabetical section, in which full contact details of these organisations are provided.


  • Coin materials and blanks
  • Banknote substrates
  • Inks, pigments, coatings and varnishes
  • Security threads
  • Optically variable features
  • Fibres and planchettes
  • Taggants and forensic features
  • Print-based security

Processing and Management

  • Processing systems: counting, sorting/processing and disintegration
  • Note and coin handling products
  • Detection and validation components
  • Cash management and optimisation software
  • Cash centre, vault automation and management
  • Verification and analytical systems


  • Mints
  • Banknote printers: Commerical and government

Circulation and Distribution

  • ATMs - cash dispensing, deposit and recycling systems
  • Packaging and transportation materials
  • Cash protection systems
  • CIT and cash handling and logistics services
  • Foreign exchange services

Production Equipment and Systems

  • Coin production equipment
  • Banknote design
  • Pre-press equipment and systems
  • Printing presses
  • Print equipment, services and ancillaries
  • Paper production, handling and coating equipment
  • Numbering systems
  • Inspection testing and quality control systems
  • Foil application systems
  • Strapping and packaging systems

Support Services

  • Associations
  • Consultants
  • Document reference systems
  • Publishers



additional sections covering central banks of the world and currencies of the world

Note: Requests for copies will be vetted to ensure the Directory is made available only to those organisations with a legitimate interest in currency.

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